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We are a homebrewing beer club in Northern Illinois.  We meet every few weeks or so to brew, eat, discuss and of course drink.  

      Hey homebrewers, we are too busy brewing and not updating our website.  If you are interested in joining up for a brew, get in touch with us through email, Facebook, or Twitter.  Don't forget to tag your brewing photos with #Brewme, "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  If you want to get a hold of us, you can use the contact sheet at the bottom of the site or email us at
             Jeeze, it is already 2016 and I haven't updated the website in a while.  This year has been bountiful at the Barley Monks.  We have upgraded to kegging and already crafted more than 30 gallons of beer!  We are going full throttle into the rest of the year.  Keep on brewing and check in on FB or Twitter for more up to date news!
               The chili cook off was one COLD halloween night.  Attendance was low but spirits were high.  8 different chilis competed for cash prizes.  In first place was Phil  with his venison chili.  Second went to Grant with a chili packed full of meats and beans.(insert joke here)  In third place was Megan  with her classic beef chili.  Thanks to everyone who braved the cold.  We tasted the a pumkin ale and an octoberfest lager from Steve's homebrewery and a Vienna lager from Todd's homebrewery.  The pumkin and Vienna were big hits.  The octoberfest wasn't quite up to carbonation yet.  It should be by next meeting.  At least the pumkin and octoberfest will be at the Dec. 13 meeting.  
         Over ths summer I brewed a bunch of kits from Northern Brewer.  I brewed their SMASH American Session ale all grain kit.  It turned out to be really tasty.  Next, I brewed an extract kit.  It was a clone of Dry Dock Brewery's Breakwater Pale Ale.  It was just ok.  For the chili cook-off, I have their Smashing Pumkin all grain kit in Secondary and their Oktoberfest all grain kit in secondary.  They should both be ready to drink on Halloween!  I will hopefully be getting some t-shirts printed here before too long.  
         The weather cooperated at Glenn's house.  We had nothing but beautiful sunshine as we brewed his "Shallow Grave" porter.   We had 5 members attend.  We are still waiting to hear about copyright of our logo.  Hopefully it will happen soon.  
         We had a great time at Winter Ale Fest in Naperville.  It was great to see so many breweries in one place.  The tickets were a little over priced though.  Each brewery only brought 5 gallons of each beer so the best beers were gone very quickly.  We did get to meet tons of great beer enthusiasts.  We are waiting for copyright of our logo before we order printed materials (business cards, ect.) to hand out to other homebrewers.  Hopefully by our next meeting we will have copyright.  I'll keep you posted.
     Membership is open to anyone that may enjoy those sorts of activities. If you are interested in homebrewing beer, you should come to one of our meetings or other events.  You do not need to be a skilled homebrewer to be a member.  Our members range from new brewers to  brewers with years under their belts.  There are no membership dues. We ask that if you come to one of our "meetings," you bring a liter of homebrew or some store-bought beer to share. We meet at various locations in Northern Illinois. It is usually at a member's house. If we are near you, come brew with us, and bring your friends. 

       As we expand our membership and grow, we are looking for new ways to be active in our comunity.  Some of our possible plans for the future include; teaching a homebrewing class (hopefully in a partnership with Feed 'em Soup), entering in some national homebrew competitions, and even putting on demonstrations at local festivals (Cornfest, Pumpkinfest, ect.)
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